When Would You Use A Standard Blade Vs A Mulching Blade?

When should I use a mulching mower?

Any blades should work when bagging, but if you want finer pieces, you should use a mulching blade.

Most of the time, mulching your clippings is the best option.

You should bag your clippings if the grass is tall, leaves are covering the lawn, or you need to prevent disease and weeds from spreading..

Why does my mower Miss blades of grass?

Rows or streaks of uncut grass in your lawn may be the result of your lawnmower’s cutting blades being dull or otherwise damaged. Dull blades are the result of normal wear and tear from mowing. The blades can be sharpened with a bench grinder by you or a professional.

What are the big clumps of grass in my yard?

During the growing season, you may start to see some clumps of grass in your lawn that just out of place. It grows a little bit faster, is generally a lot greener, and frankly stands out like a sore thumb. It’s probably Tall Fescue. Tall Fescue is not a weed.

Should a lawn mower blade be razor sharp?

Mower blades should be aggressively sharp, but not as sharp as a razor’s edge. You should be able to touch the blade with your hand without getting cut. … Additionally, lawn mower blades that are too sharp get duller, faster resulting in the need to sharpen more frequently and a shorter blade life.

Do mulching blades work on leaves?

Mulching Blades mulch leaves well. If you have a large amount of leaves, the extra teeth on the fins of the blades help to destroy them on every rotation. Saves Time.

Do mulching mowers really work?

Mulching mowers are useful machines in caring for the lawn, but their purpose is not to provide “mulch” in the conventional sense. The clippings from the mower are torn into tiny particles that, once they’re on the soil’s surface, are quickly broken down and release their nutrients.

How do you mow without leaving lines?

The trick to creating darker lawn stripes is to mow the grass taller, because the grass blades don’t bend as well when they’re cut short. Use a sidewalk, driveway or other hardscape in your yard as a guide to help keep your lawn mowing lines straight.

Can you bag grass with a mulching blade?

Depending on whether you’re using a walk-behind mower or a lawn tractor, using a mulching blade for bagging is not the best idea. A bagging blade has a bend or wing at the back to create more airflow to send the grass to the bag. … Using mulching blades for bagging will result in reduced bag filling.

How do I know if my mower blade is dull?

1. The first and most obvious thing to look for is unevenness in your lawn. When your lawn mower blade is sharp, your grass should be cut at the same height every time with just one pass of the mower. If you find yourself making multiple passes to compensate for missed patches of grass, a dull blade may be the culprit.

Can I use mulching blades with side discharge?

Can you use mulching blades with side discharge? Yes, you can use side discharge with mulching blades. Side discharge will help in preventing any clumps that might occur under the deck due to the grass.

How often should mower blades be sharpened?

every 20 to 25 hoursThis keeps your mower in good shape and helps to maintain a healthy lawn. However, if you tend to mow more often, the blades will need more attention. On average, a mower blade should be sharpened after every 20 to 25 hours of use time.

What are the disadvantages of mulching?

Disadvantages of MulchingOvermulching can bury and suffocate plants.Mulch provides a convenient hiding place for pests.Bake your plants with excess heat if don incorrectly.

What are toothed mower blades for?

The blade teeth do not have a cutting edge but are used to create extra lift, propelling grass clippings high into the mower deck. The angle of the teeth is designed to force the grass clipping back toward the cutting edge. … For a lawn care professional looking to cover all the bases, toothed blades are the way to go.

How much does it cost to sharpen mower blades?

Depending on the type of your mower, you can expect to pay anywhere between 20 dollars to 60 dollars. If it’s a reel lawn mower you might not even need to take the blades off the mower and sharpen them while they’re attached.

Are mulching blades better than regular blades?

Standard blades are the ideal choice when mulching the grass clippings may not be an option. … Over-grown grass can clog under the mower deck and leave unsightly clumps of grass on the freshly mowed lawn. Mulching blades, also known as 3-in-1 blades, can be used to bag, discharge, or mulch grass clippings.

Is mulching better than side discharge?

Both side-discharge and mulching mowers leave grass blades behind. However, a mulching blade chops up clippings into finer pieces so they decompose faster and don’t clump as quickly. Using a side-discharge mower you may need to do your own mulching by running over your grass piles multiple times.

Do you sharpen both sides of a mower blade?

File in the direction of the original cutting angle. Always sharpen from the top side of the cutting edge; this will give you the longest-lasting edge on the blade. … Don’t try to make your blade razor sharp; it’ll dull more quickly. “Butter-knife” sharp will do.

Is it OK to mow leaves instead of raking?

You can skip raking completely by mowing over leaves and chopping them into small pieces. … Use a grass catcher to gather leaves as you mow over them. You also can allow leaf pieces to decompose in place on the lawn. To do this, chop leaves into dime-size pieces.

Should I bag or mulch leaves?

In general, the preferred choice would be to mulch the tree leaves when you mow the grass. Most deciduous tree leaves are around 2 percent nitrogen, which is the most important nutrient for plants. So, by mulching your tree leaves into your lawn, you are essentially getting a free fertilizer application of nitrogen.

Can I use mulching blades without a mulching kit?

I used the oregon G5’s without a mulch kit (they’re designed to be side discharged or used for bagging) and love them. They leave a great cut and discharge nicely and definitely chop up the clippings more than regular high lifts. I’ve never tried regular wavy mulching blades.

Why does my mulching mower leave clumps of grass?

Mulching blades chop the clippings into finer pieces than regular push mower blades. Finer clippings are less likely to clump, and they break down faster than longer clippings. Dull blades tear the grass rather than cutting it and give the grass a brownish cast, so keep the blades sharp.