Quick Answer: Is It Better To Have A Higher MAh?

Is it OK to use a higher mAh battery?

Q: Can I use a higher rated mAh battery in my electronic device (i.e.

1800mAh vs.


A: Yes, the mAh rating will give you longer run times between recharges.

The higher rated mAh of a battery has no effect on electronic devices other than they allow longer term use..

Is high or low mAh better?

The mAh capacity rating refers to the storage capacity available for a particular battery. A battery with a capacity rating of 1800 mAh could deliver a current of 1800mA for one hour. Higher mAh ratings for the same battery type will generally mean longer run times.

Can I use 600mAh instead of 400mAh?

my existing batteries are 400mAh, will 600mAh work? the 600 mah battery is effectively half again as powerful as the 400 mah battery. you’ll be able to talk longer w/o recharging. it will work fine.

Can I replace laptop battery with higher mAh?

Absolutely yes you can replace. In fact there are extension available to connect higher AH batteries. So long as voltage rating is compatible, it is perfectly fine to use higher AH batteries, if space with the laptop is not adequate, extender is available to connect the battery from outside.