Quick Answer: Is DNS A Good Course?

What course comes after DNS?

After completing Diploma in Nautical Science course, one may become a training cadet.

After gaining 18 months of sea service period, one may appear for 2nd Mate Exam.

After clearing it, one will be able to become 2nd Officer..

How do I join a DNS course?

B.E/ B. Tech. Degree from I.I.T. or from a college recognized by AICTE with an average of not less than 50% of marks in the final year. AND (b) The candidates should have obtained 50% marks in English language at 10th or 12th Std. or in the Degree course conducted by recognized Board or any University.

How can I get admission in Tolani for DNS?

Eligibility Criteria You must have successfully completed the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or its equivalent with: At least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (P C M). At least 50% marks in English.

What is Merchant Navy salary?

In Merchant Navy, the salary can range from anywhere between Rs. 12000 to Rs. 8 lakhs per month though the pay structure differ from company to company, city to city, the export-import needs, seniority etc.

What is GP Rating course?

GP Rating course stands for General Purpose Rating course. It is a presea training course that even 10th passed students may pursue after schooling! This course will help one in building a career in Merchant Navy. Students who want to have an exciting and adventurous career may go for this course.

Which is better DNS or BSc Nautical Science?

Which is better, DNS or B.Sc ? If you want to work in Merchant Navy or related field throughout your life then Diploma in Nautical science course is better as there is no much difference in both the courses. On the other hand you spend less money and less time in studying in college.

What is DNS course?

The one Year DNS Course is a course leading to B.Sc., Nautical Science after 18 months of sea service and also leading to 2nd Mate Foreign going Certificate of competency awarded by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, enabling the cadets to become Navigating officers on board Merchant Naval Ships anywhere in …

Is PCM compulsory for merchant navy?

Yes, You can Join Merchant Navy without PCM. Remember, Merchant Navy is a vast maritime trade sector which includes lots of department and personnel. Specifically, for joining or working at ship, there are 3 classified departments: Engineering, Navigation & Ratings.

Which course is best for merchant navy?

List of best Maritime courses for getting Merchant Navy job1 B.E./B. Tech. … 2 GME course. GME course is a pre-sea training course for Graduates. … 3 B.Sc. Nautical Science. … 4 DME Course (Diploma Marine Engineering) … 5 GP Rating course. … 6 Deck Rating course. … 7 Engine Rating course. … 8 Saloon Rating course.More items…