Quick Answer: Are Zero’S Missions Optional?

How do I start the mission amphibious assault?

Mission Objectives Get to the docks.

The boat that you have to plant the bug on is anchored out at sea.

You will have to swim to it, however there are Da Nang Boys patrolling the route.

Swim to the tanker and get aboard..

Are zero’s missions necessary?

Unless you are going for the 100% completion, Zero’s missions are NOT required.

Can we skip zero missions in GTA San Andreas?

Originally Answered: What can you do to skip all the missions in GTA: San Andreas? As you know, you are given the option to skip a mission when you fail it. But if you don’t want to play any missions, just don’t play them. You don’t have to do any missions.

How long is GTA SA story?

31½ Hours1) GTA San Andreas The main story and extra missions take up around the same time as GTA V, with 47 hours being the average playtime, and the Main Story alone takes an identical 31½ Hours.