Question: Who Is The Owner Of Brilliant?

Is Khan Academy better than brilliant?

Brilliant is good for finding challenging problems to work on, but it’s not as good for teaching the basics.

Use it to challenge yourself using the stuff you’ve learned.

Khan Academy can give you lots of simple questions to work on and improve your skills..

Who is behind brilliant org?

Brilliant (website)Type of siteOnline educationFounder(s)Sue KhimURLbrilliant.orgCommercialYesUsers4 million4 more rows

What is brilliant learning?

Brilliant is an online community of learners who share and solve physics and math problems. Aimed toward kids with advanced math skills, it’s particularly useful to those competing in Math or Science Olympiad contests. … Kids can request a clarification or dispute the answer.

Does brilliant have videos?

Brilliant replaces lecture videos with hands-on, interactive lessons. It’s a better (and more fun) way to learn.

How can I be brilliant in maths?

10 Tips for Math SuccessDo all of the homework. Don’t ever think of homework as a choice. … Fight not to miss class. … Find a friend to be your study partner. … Establish a good relationship with the teacher. … Analyze and understand every mistake. … Get help fast. … Don’t swallow your questions. … Basic skills are essential.More items…•

What does brilliant do?

Brilliant is an online (web and mobile) community of learners who share and solve science, math, and computer science (CS) problems. Aimed toward high-aptitude students, it’s particularly useful for kids competing in Math or Science Olympiad contests, or for those who want to get started in coding.

How much does brilliant org cost? is a free online mathematics and science problem solving website for bright young students around the world.

How much is brilliant per month?

Overall Rating of Brilliant Is the pricing a little bit pricey: YES! $120/year or $9.99/month is a bit expensive for people on a budget limit.

Is Brilliant org worth it Reddit? is not really worth it (I’ve seen sample problems from advertisements, but I haven’t used this service because it seems pointless), it provides basically contest-type problems as means of testing/training your ingenuity and problem solving skills.

How do I cancel brilliant?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the “cancel” button on your subscription settings page, here. If you’re not seeing a cancellation button there, it could be that you’ve already canceled through another service, like the google play store, or PayPal.

What age is brilliant org for?

Generally speaking, our courses are designed to make math, science, and computer science fun and interactive for people ages 10 to 110. That said, we do require you to be 13 or older in order to have your own account.

Is Brilliant com worth?

Overall Rating of Brilliant Answer: Yes. It is an awesome site that incorporates learning with fun! Thanks for reading! As promised, here’s you’re free Brilliant 20% discount.

Can you use brilliant for free?

Short answer: Yes. The Premium subscription is required to access the full courses on Brilliant, but the rest of the site is still available with a free account. That includes the daily problems, the community and practice questions, and all the Brilliant wiki pages.

How do I cancel my brilliant trial?

Cancellation – You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing or contacting us. If you cancel your trial within the first 14 days you will be entitled to a full refund of the payment.