Question: What Is A Wealth Screening?

How much does wealth screening cost?

Pricing packages range from a $1,200 annual contract with unlimited access to searches, training, and online tools to a $1,495 annual contract complete with a free consultation and 1,000 records screened at once.

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What is iWave?

English. Product Description. iWave, an industry-leading donor research and wealth screening tool, helps nonprofits identify and better understand prospective major gift donors.

How do you use WealthEngine?

Screening for wealth is a fairly straight forward process. You simply upload your list and select which attributes to apply. WealthEngine runs the screening and provides you with new information about your contacts. You can also reach out to WealthEngine’s support team for guidance.

How do you do donor prospect research?

Let’s discuss each area on its own.Identify Major Gift Prospects. Major gift prospects tend to be donors who give $5,000 or more to your nonprofit (although that minimum number can vary by organization). … Update Biographical Information. … Find New Prospects. … Map Out Cultivation. … Explore Engagement Opportunities.