How Many Seasons Does 24 Have?

Is 24 based on a true story?

Yes, The 24th is based on a true story.

It is no secret that in America, especially in southern states like Texas, segregation was practiced openly.

The film discusses the tension that arose between the black and white communities in the area..

Does Jack kill Nina 24?

Though Nina attempted to convince Jack that she was still of value alive, Jack shot and killed her.

Does President Heller died on 24?

He was apparently killed in Wembley Stadium by a drone missile fired by Margot Al-Harazi after Margot agreed to destroy the remaining drones without further attacks. However, Heller and Jack were able to deceive Margot with a looped video feed, saving Heller’s life.

Why did Nina betray Jack?

The problem was that Jack figured out that she was dirty, and she was forced to run and expose herself. Nina was very subtly working behind the scenes both for and against Jack. If she was all against him, her cover would’ve been blown too soon. She had to keep her part of CTU agent to stay in play as long as possible.

Why is Jack crying at the end of season 3?

Originally Answered: Why made Jack Bauer cry so badly during the end scene of Season 3 finale in 24 ? … He tells Kim before he leaves that he’s sure she’ll make the right choice; the reason he starts crying is because he knows she’s chosen a better life than him.

How many people Jack Bauer kill?

As it stands, Bauer has killed 270 people over the show’s run, and no doubt Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic counterterrorism agent will be adding to the tally when 24: Live Another Day premieres on Monday, May 5.

How many seasons of 24 are there now?

24 is an American action drama television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran for Fox. The series stars Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer….24 (TV series)24No. of seasons9No. of episodes204 + 24: Redemption (list of episodes)Production19 more rows

How many episodes does 24 season 9 have?

twelve24: Live Another Day, also referred to as LAD, Season 9, or Day 9 of 24, is a twelve-episode 2014 event series.

Which season of 24 was the best?

24 TV Show – The Top 3 Seasons24 season 1. The introduction of a legendary TV character, a legendary real-time concept and bombastic action. … 24 season 2. Nothing less than a nuclear bomb detonating in Los Angeles and world war 3 are on the line in 24 season 2. … 24 season 5. Clearly the best!

What happened to the show 24 legacy?

Fox’s 24: Legacy will not return for a second season — but that doesn’t mean the franchise itself is done. The network has opted to cancel the rebooted version of the Corey Hawkins-fronted drama after one season. … It will not, however, be a version of Legacy, meaning stars Hawkins and Jimmy Smits would not be involved.

Who is the mole in Season 1 of 24?

Jamey FarrellJamey Farrell The original mole! Sure, season one ended with a bigger bombshell, but this brilliant CTU programmer was the show’s first-ever confirmed traitor.

Is Jack Bauer in 24 legacy?

24: Legacy (2017) Filling Jack Bauer’s role in 24: Legacy was Corey Hawkins’ Eric Carter, an ex-Army Ranger who learns that he and his squad mates are being hunted down and killed because one of them stole a flash drive containing a list of U.S.-based terror cells and the means by which to activate them.

Does Logan die in 24?

Realizing that his plans to kill Jack Bauer and return to political power have failed, Logan murders his right-hand man Jason Pillar and then shoots himself in the head. However, he survives.

Why does 24 Season 9 only have 12 episodes?

During a recent conference call with journalists, executive producer Manny Cuto spoke about the benefits of shrinking the season. According to Cuto, having only 12-episodes will make the series more intense, if you can even imagine that. The 12 hours allows us to really condense the storytelling.

Is 24 coming back to TV?

A revival of 24 is still in the works, despite Fox recently shelving plans for a prequel centred on a young Jack Bauer. Former 24 executive producer Howard Gordon told Deadline that Todd Harthan, showrunner on medical drama The Resident, is currently developing a potential relaunch for the real-time thriller.

How much did Kiefer Sutherland make per episode of 24?

Starring as the President of the United States Tom Kirkman, Sutherland is once again in a leading role, and this time, he’s making $300,000 per episode, a hefty amount for a star of a series in its first season.

Does Jack Bauer mention 24 legacy?

While signature Fox drama series 24 will be coming back this coming season with offshoot 24: Legacy, its signature character Jack Bauer won’t. Kiefer Sutherland, who won an Emmy for playing the intrepid CTU agent in the original series, is now the star of the new ABC drama series Designated Survivor.

Will there be a 24 season 10?

They tried 24: Legacy with a new cast that only lasted one season. In 2018, they developed a Jack Bauer origin story and a 24 legal drama simultaneously, but by 2019 they were both on the back burner. Last summer, Fox CEO Charlie Collier told reporters there were no plans for more 24.

What is the final season of 24?

The eighth season was announced as the final season of 24 and its series finale aired on May 24, 2010. However, the series returned with a ninth season as 24: Live Another Day, which aired in 2014. The season’s storyline begins and ends at 4:00 p.m.

Why did the show 24 end?

The well-liked, well-rated Fox show was simply too expensive to keep making. Unfortunately, a 24 film version is still a long way off, if it ever comes together.

Is 24 worth watching?

So yes, I definitely recommend 24. It has a fantastic first few seasons. The quality definitely drops off, as plot points start getting recycled and Jack becomes way too powerful for his own good, but it still remains highly entertaining till the end. One of the greatest and most groundbreaking shows ever made.